Activated Charcoal - The secret to whiter teeth and clearer skin

The original charcoal beauty solution
First we loved your smile, now we love your skin
Made and owned in Australia
From Australia to the world, we make smiles shine everywhere

You can shine anywhere

All of our products are totally portable. Our organic coconut shell charcoal Tooth Polish comes in a handy round tub, and our Magnetic Charcoal Mask come in a sleek box, perfect for transporting along with its accessories. 

So much more than charcoal teeth polish!
Our full range of oral care products brighten and protect your smile
Our all new skincare illuminates and hydrates your skin
Our customer service is second to none!

100% natural, for real!

Our finely milled powder is totally natural and safe. The activated charcoal in our products is made from certified organic coconut shell to remove toxins, purifies the skin and protects your teeth. 


Our products are the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine.

Use our Organic Oil Pulling, Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse in the morning to freshen up; and use the remainder of our range in the evening to level up your skin and smile.

Use our all natural range regularly to get a healthier mouth and complexion.