Lazy Gal Beauty Hacks

Want to look snatched, but like to hit snooze?? Us too, girl. That’s why we’ve compiled this fab list of beauty hacks perfect for the lazy gal in all of us. 

Roll the Tapes!

Want to create some insta-worthy eye makeup lewks but can’t be bothered with the hassle?

Whether you want to create a slick cat eye or a subtle shadow look, sticky tape is your new best friend. Place a small piece of tape angled at the corners of your eye to help guide your liner and shadow; leaving you with a clean and tidy finished product- no damage control necessary!

Forgo that Foundation

Save yourself some time each day and opt for spot concealer over that full face. While we love a full glam look as much as the next gal, some days it’s just too much effort! Instead, focus on your under-eyes and any problem areas/blemishes with a good concealer and blend it out well. Finish with mascara for a easy natural look.

White Eyeliner

Had a large night and running a little late for work…? Freshen up your face instantly by running some white eyeliner to your waterline. This quick fix helps counteract any signs of fatigue, so you can catch a few more zzz’s and catch up on sleep from the night before!

Glow Baby, Glow!

Up your glow-factor by adding some liquid highlighter/illuminator to your foundation or tinted moisturiser. This hack is perfect for those summer months and will have you looking dewy and luminous AF. For added fabulousness, go on and mix some highlight into your body lotion while you’re at it for an all over glow!

Wash n Go!

We all know hair wash days can be an ordeal, especially if you have some luscious, long locks. If you really cbf with all that wash rinse repeat action, cut your hair routine in half by conditioning the lengths and shampooing your roots. (Just keep in mind we don’t recommend this for every wash ladies).

Curl While you Sleep

Want some mermaid-worthy waves, but aren’t ready to spend hours battling with a curling wand? Read on. After your evening shower, partially blow dry your hair (paying more attention to the roots), brush, then pull it back into a ponytail and spray with a light hold hairspray or salt-spray (don’t secure with a band just yet!). Twist the ponytail and then secure into a bun on the top of your head. In the morning take your hair down to reveal some gorg soft curls. Too easy! 

There you have it- your brand new lazy gall beauty arsenal; no go put your feet up baby girl! xx