A-Z for Fit Chicks.

A- Ask for help! Want some advice on your workout or eating plan? Be sure to reach out the pro’s either at your local gym or online to check you’re on the right track.

B- Breathe. Controlling your breathing is super important when it comes to lifting heavy weights and long distance cardio, it sounds basic but make sure you give it the attention it needs.

C-Classes are a great way to add in some cardio and variety to your workouts. The trainers are super motivating and you can do it with your BFF’s so they’re heaps of fun!

D-Don’t drink your calories. Beware of bottled drinks that are advertised as being healthy- these often have a lot of hidden sugar so can ruin your nutrition goals.

E-Enjoy yourself.

F-Friends, get them in on it and make your workouts fun!


G-Go green. A green smoothie is a great way to sneak some veggies into your diet.

H-Health over vanity. Train with the goal of better overall health as opposed to attaining a specific aesthetic; it's much more rewarding and better for your mind as well as your body.

I- Invest in some cute workout gear to help motivate yourself to hit the gym and strut your stuff!

J-Juice it! Juicing is a great way to add more nutrients into your diet, but don’t fall into the trap of fad juice diets, you need real food too baby girl!

K- Kissing… did you know it burns calories?? Get smooching!

L- Listen to your body. If you overdo it and are aching, take it easy and allow your body to rest and recover as needed.

M-Mix it up. Variety really is the spice of life, especially when it comes to fitness- don’t get stuck in a rut!

N-No excuses.

O-Outdoor exercise! While the gym is great for your workout needs, be sure to get outside once in awhile; that fresh air and Vitamin D will have you feeling fab!

P-Positive thinking is key.

Q- Quick fixes, they don’t exist. Beware of fad diets or magic remedies- sadly the key to a rockin bod is good ol’ fashioned hard work hun!

R- Realistic Goals. Set them.

S-Selfies. Keep track of your gym progress by taking regular progress pics; it’s super rewarding seeing your body change with all your hard work!

T- Treat yo’ Self. Following a balanced diet can be hard on your soul, so be sure to treat yourself once in a while so that you don’t give up in the long run (just don’t over do it!).

U- Utilise idle time- waiting for the shower to warm up? Do 20 squats. Heating up your lunch in the office kitchen? Do a set of lunges (though we aren’t responsible if you get any funny looks from your co-workers lol).

V- Veggies, eat them.


W- Walk it out! Walking is a perfect low impact exercise, so maybe skip the uber every now and then.

X-(e)Xpectations. Don’t expect your body to change instantly, you’re on a fitness journey babe, so be patient and enjoy the ride.

Y- Yoga. Up that flexibility and allow yourself some zen time with a daily yoga sesh.

Z- zzzzz’s! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to let your body recover from all your hard work- it’s so important!